About Us

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Using recycled materials and invasive species from the wetlands around Lake Victoria in East Africa, KICK encourages local artisans to create hand made greeting cards, furniture and home decor. We also recycle copper wire from old fridge compressors, air conditioners, car alternators among others and use it to make unique greeting cards, wedding cards, gift bags, furniture among other unique items.
We started as an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in 1993 that was funded by the DFID. After a phase on Water Hyacinth Utilization, KICK developed tools and procedures that enabled us to move into the production and marketing phase. It is at this level (2005) that we started KICK Trading to market our products to other fair trade consumers.
We are now 100% sustainable by the sales both locally and internationally. We attend international craft fairs where we market our products and form sustainable partnerships with shops around the world. Our impact expanding the market for KICK’s products assures the artisans – young men and women – of a fair and sustainable income. This gives the artisans access to basic rights such as food, shelter and clothing. Our initiative promotes the sustainable use of natural resources in the Lake Victoria region. We recycles material into unique products that can then be sold. This means that artisans do not rely on aid but can sustain themselves through their skills.writing papers for college