Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of engagement – Last Updated 01 February 2017

Download pdf Terms and Conditions here 

Customers are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully before engaging in business with KICK Trading Limited.

Payment Terms and Methods
50% Advance and 50% CAD (Cash Against Documents)

Delivery Times
The normal delivery period varies between 4 to 10 weeks after receipt of the advance payment, depending on the order assortment and the time when the order is place, as well as the method of shipment. For repeat orders it is 3 to 6 weeks. In view of the volatile practice of raw materials,
customers are advised to re-confirm the pricing before placing a re-order.

Minimum Order Quantities
Minimum order is 400 cards (1 standard box). Orders below this quantity will attract extra handling charges.

Customized developments
These will be charged on the buyer’s account, please note that you will also be charged separately for courier services.

Design Rights
KICK Trading Ltd has the sole right to all the designs of all its products and as such these should not be copied in any form whatsoever. KICK Trading Ltd does not issue automatic exclusivity for any of its products. Any requests for exclusivity need to be discussed and agreed in writing and will need to consider among others: Distinct geographical location, specific sales targets, minimums and time limitations. KICK Trading Ltd is ready to develop products to customers design specifications. In this case, the cost of product development and samples will have to be negotiated.

Labelling and Packaging
Clients to send L&P instructions latest within 3 (three) weeks after the order confirmation. Any delay here could adversely affect production time and subsequent order delivery. Any special labelling and Packaging requirements would cost extra. Our standard packaging boxes have dimensions 24 inch (60.96cm) Length, 15 inch (38.10cm) width and 14 inch (35.56cm) Height. These boxes each have 4 smaller boxes inside with dimensions 23.9 inch (60.96cm) Length, 7.5 inch (19.05cm) Width and 7 inch (17.78cm) Height. Large items that can not fit into these boxes will obviously be packed using other dimensions available at that moment in time.

Quality Specifications
KICK Trading Ltd prides itself with its reputation for good quality. We shall always strive to produce the best quality possible. All products will undergo a 100% quality control check before dispatch. Despite this, since all our products are hand made, slight variations may occur. Such variations are therefore not a reason for rejection or cancellation of an order. On the contrary, they serve to underline the hand made aspect of the products, making each piece unique. Any changes and other agreements and terms have to be agreed upon in writing by both parties
before engagement.

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