Handmade Greeting Cards

Cards specially made with themes and designs such as office parties, new born baby gift tags, Christmas, wedding cards, souvenirs, graduation and many customized versions that a customer may suggest. (See collection here)

Hand Made Paper

No one does handmade paper better than we do. We combine banana fibre, hippo grass and water hyacinth with office waste paper crushed into pulp to give beautiful results.

Wrought iron

Old is Gold, they say. We have nicely done wrought iron that will be ideal for your garden and outdoors!

Woven Furniture

Special products done using water wetland weeds majorly papyrus and water hyacinth which are a menace at the shores of Lake Victoria in Kisumu, KENYA. We manage the wetland area by providing a solution to the invasive species menace.

Painted products

What a joy to receive a Christmas gift painted in warm Christmas colours! We give you a warm choice of colours matching the various themes and trends.